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Who We are and What We Do

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The Final Arrangements Network

About The Cemetery Registry

The Cemetery Registry is a powerful source for Cemetery Plots and Burial Sites for Sale as well as both information and  instructions on one of life's hardest facts, death. You will learn how to make informed decisions about funerals, cemeteries, cremations, caskets, urns, memorials and grave stone and a host of the other things that have to be done and decided on when someone dies.

Final arrangements for death are never easy but they can be much better taken care of in the light of understanding before an final emergency  occurs, than in the heat of fear and grief when it does happen. It is the intent of The Final Arrangements Network to provide you with the tools and knowledge to do just that. Our hope is to save our clients both emotional stress and if you follow some of our tips a good deal of money as well.

The Cemetery Registry does not own, nor is a subsidiary of any; funeral home, crematorium, cemetery or mausoleums, nursing home, insurance company, hospital or practiced religious diocese or organization. Final Arrangements Network provides information about these organizations as part of its organizational structure in disseminating critical information about Funeral, Cemetery and Cremation Services.  The scope and intent of the laws governing the funeral - internment industry may vary widely between different locations, ALWAYS consult with your local governing agency to know your specific legal rights.

Please note that Wisdom Technologies, LLC reserves the right to take whatever action it deems necessary, including the prosecution for damages to Wisdom Technologies LLC reputation and business interests of parties utilizing any portion of its websites or email services in attempts of fraud, deception or schemes attempting to perpetrate theft to its visitors and clients.  Any of the above actions can result in the immediate withdrawal of any listing or advertising deemed to be in violation of these rules of conduct. No refunds will be made to the parties found to have violated the above for any reason.

INFORMATION REQUIRED TO BE RETAINED OF ALL PROPERTIES PUBLISHED - The Cemetery Registry database system is rule bound to maintain all statistical information concerning all properties that are contained in the national system. Upon the written, including email, notification of a Sale or Removal status change, all Contact information is removed as soon as physically possible by the system's personnel. The information maintained is as follows; Type of Property, City, State, Cemetery and Description including pricing of an offer at the time the change of status was made. Should any of those elements also refer to any Contact information that portion of the element is also removed.

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